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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Catching Up with the Journey

A lot has happened in the last month, and I'm spinning just trying to catch up with everything. I've had so many amazing experiences in Queretaro, Mexico at Geninne's art retreat, Las Vegas at Art and Soul, and Puyallup at the Sew Expo, that I didn't know where to start.  So, I will start with a bit of Mexico.  

I had never been to Mexico, and my friends and family were worried about me going down there with the ongoing drug wars.  I flew from Houston, TX to Queretaro, Mexico which is one of the prettiest and most well to do areas in Mexico, about 2 hours away from Mexico City, in the state of Queretaro. It is one of the safest areas in Mexico, and I had the best time ever.  The people were friendly and warm, talking easily with us.  Queretaro was easy to walk around and pictures abounded everywhere.  I would return in a heartbeat.

Flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

Farming land in Mexico.

The airport at Queretaro.

A windy day greeted us.

The view from a room at the Hotel La Casa de la Marquesa where our group stayed in the old historic Spanish part of Queretaro.

A church across the street from our hotel.

Some of the original settlers greeted us upon arrival.

The courtyard at the heart of one of the two buildings of our hotel.

Detail of a beautiful vase.

La Casa de la Marquesa.

There were stores all over the city with these dresses for 
the coming out parties of the young Mexican women.

You could even be a fairy princess for a day!

Tribute to the Aztec ancestors.

You can get your own Jesus or Mary for a home alter.

Just like a European city.


A bit of color at the local stalls.

Native woman selling her goods on the street.

A nice place for dinner and dancing; the music was wonderful.

My new friend Myriam from Caracas, Venezuela on the left.

The churches were very much in use by the locals.

The food was wonderful - salad with fruit and cheese.
I was offered crickets and guacamole at this traditional Oaxaca restaurant, but I opted for chips instead.

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Reets said...

HOLY HEAVEN! This is an amazing party of pictures. I wanna go.