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Saturday, February 4, 2012

December's Vision for a New Year

Accidental Discovery

In December, 2011 while volunteering with the Scouts, I happened upon this vision in violet.  
Berries small enough to walk by, but so stunning in their beauty that I was brought to a complete stop.  
I'd never seen berries with such vibrant color, and purple is rare in the natural world.  
As such, it is treasured when found.

I uploaded these pictures in the hope that someone would know the name of this plant.

Interruptions occurred, and it didn't get posted.  
Then, while having tea with my 94 year old grandmother and flipping through the Home and Garden section of the Oregonian Newspaper, 
I happened upon an article about the Beautybush- a plant with lovely purple berries - the very one I had discovered the month before. 
 This bush is native to  Central China and has a pink honeysuckle shaped flower in the spring.  

I brought home a cluster of the berries to see if I could dye with them.  
I have yet to throw them in the copper kettle.

Some day, I will have one or two in my garden.