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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Day of Watercolor Painting with Geninne

After an unintended blog break, I'm back to wrap up my trip to Mexico.  I've been to 4 other countries since then, so it seems, I may never get caught up with all of my adventures and art.

The drive to meet Geninne was a full of great views.

 Lunch at Geninne's house - delicious.

A sneak peak at Geninne's watercolor set - scrumptious!

My first attempt at a watercolor picture with white acrylic details added in under Geninne's direction.
I needed a much finer brush than I had for the white.

The start of another bird by me.
Some of my classmates: Anahata Katkin (left) is a great artist with her own store and wonderful blog.
My awesome roommate Melinda (right) doing her first watercolor painting.

Two wonderful women from Canada: Diana (left) and Catherine (right) hard at work.

Our class tried out painting on some of Geninne's rocks.
I really enjoyed this and would like to try some more at home. 
Geninne had these all over her planter garden at home - a little surprise here and there.

These are some watercolor paintings by Geninne that I was fortunate enough to get a chance to buy. I've got them framed now, and they are wonderful.

A menu offered Mexican caviar...sauteed ant eggs, served with guacamole.  
It was very tempting, but I passed and just got sliced avocado with my chicken. 

Another dilemma occurred at dinner the night before - do I try the grasshoppers and guacamole or go for chips instead?  Yes, I did the chips.

My friend's very interesting corn soup.

Hasta la vista!