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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Images from a Day of Stamping

Here are some pictures from our day of carving rubber stamps. I stamped some of my classmates stamps in my art journal, along with my own a few of Geninne's.

 My intro page in my art journal.

 A nice sampling of stamps carved by my classmates. Myriam from Caracas, Venezuela did the bird and branch on the upper left.  Diana from Victoria, BC Canada did the flower & leaves along with the butterfly.  Catherine from Port St. John, Canada was a veggie roll with her potatoes and carrots.  Pam from Orange County, CA had hearts, leaves and a boat.  Wonderful Gina from Ashland, OR started with a leaf. Julie from SF, CA had a beautifully detailed feather and a tulip.  I made the acorn, mushroom and tree motif.
 Diana's scissor lady and my squirrel/skunk/fox with acorn, mushroom and Swedish horse.

 A page with Anahata's organic flowers at the top left.  Seeing her work in class was a real eye-opener - little did I realize that she is the very well known designer behind Papaya - an amazing company full of her designs - she is a master of white.  Pam's waves and Diana's scissor lady are also here. The rest were Geninne's wonderful stamps that we got to try out - beautifully carved.

Another page with samplings - mostly Geninne's lovely stamps, but some of Julie's in the middle right - ocean and nature inspired.  Myriam's dolls on the bottom right were a favorite with everyone.  Bottom left is my mushroom - working out where I wanted the spots.

Here are the stamps that I made that day - with many colors on them after much use by my son.

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