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Friday, October 7, 2011

The Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, held annually in Canby, Oregon, has been recommended to me for several years by my friend Reets.  I finally made it there on Sept. 25th with my mom and 2 boys in tow.  Thirty minutes after our arrival, we had a downpour of rain unlike the usual Oregon light rain.  We managed to have a good time anyway, with our kettle corn and wet kids.  The variety of sheep was amazing; these are just a few.  I like the brown spotted one - I've never seen anything like that!

Those of you that are weavers already know that you can get rabbit hair yarn - the boys wanted to bring one home - why not?

This lady sold me all of my super awesome wool yarn!  How cool is she from head to toe!

 Rich colors of the Mediterranean.

Look how yummy these colors are!  I totally loved this skein - had to have it.  
I think this would be fun to spin.

Goodbye for now.  Got my goodies and heading home.


jude said...

your kids are beautiful!

Janet said...

Thanks jude! That is the rained on version of them - we all got a bit soaked. I tried to teach them all I could about wool becoming yarn - all the processes, the spinning, the knitting and weaving of it.

Reets said...

Isn't that a wooly wonderland. Great fiber faire. You so artfully captured it with your camera. Love those boys. Keep the art reports coming.

Janet said...

Hi Reets! Sorry we missed you there - but thanks for the info on the show - it was fun to finally get there. Its like a knitter's paradise. Lots of handwork going on.

sally.wilson said...

Let's do it again next year Janet!

lk moonwood said...

Hi Janet! Oh my gosh your kids are adorable! Isn't the Flock and Fleece Festival fun? I love all the mixed and bumpy spun yarns. Let's learn how to do it!