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Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Day at the Barn House Market in Battle Ground, WA

I had the most amazing day checking out the booths at the Barn House Vintage Country Marketplace in Battle Ground, WA last Saturday.  This is one of those antique markets that takes place once a year at a farm with the "booths" set up in a barn and around it.  The rooster crowed all morning - and it was great.  I've only read about this type of market - where really unique things could be found.
It was just as amazing as I had hoped.

You can see a bit of the parking lot (aka the field), behind the cupcake stand and you'll know how packed it was - really packed!  I was sure I'd have time to get a cupcake after a bit of shopping, but by lunch time, the line was so long and I had to leave to take my kids to a picnic with the Chinese Immersion program from my older son's school, that I missed it.

 Madison Park Antiques had some of the most amazing items, including my French finial, partly shown below.

 Loved the red and white items from Seabold Vintage Market! (on left)

My Goodies! My new Corteelii Silk cabinet. My other finds included a yellow egg basket to hold my kids' outdoor toys, breadbox with great patina, blue seltzer bottle, a wooden microscope box sans microscope but with its keys - for my older son to lock his valuable things away from his little brother - ha!  - some books in the bag, a bit of lace, and one of the best items - a copper finial from a building in Normandy, France!  

 Some other vendor's show areas - yellow theme on left and Auntie's place on right.

 Big, Bold and Lots of Drama at the Tarte shop.

When this cute little goldie locks got too hot, she just hopped in the tub!  
These two vendors thought it was a great idea and jumped into the Cluckingham Palace pool to cool down. (The palace was sold already!)

I totally loved this British chest of drawers!

 This was a really unique item - 3 of them, actually!  
I thought they would be pretty cute lined up outside filled with dirt and plants.  They are authentic French urinals - they should have a fancy word for urinal in French, but I don't know what it is.  
The French always make everything sound so elegant though.

 More from Tarte - including the Bargain of the Day - a sleigh bed for $50.00! 
I really liked the feather ball lights they had - one of them is under the umbrella.

Thea's Vintage Living had some fun things including 2 orange boxes I picked up along with an orange vase from London.

Lovely purple flower - lovely show.


Janet said...

From Nance:
the word is pissoir ! it sounds so much better in french...doesn't it? you got a lot of goodies... probably 15 years ago i would have been there with you! now i have too much already. need to have a sale of my own! however i do envy your thread cabinet!

From Janet:
Let me know when you have that sale! I bet you have a lot of great finds from France. You will be my official French translator form now on. I didn't learn "pissoir" in my Wellesley french class!

Janet said...

From Sissel:
You look like you must have had LOOOOTS of fun!!!
Thanks for sharing! Your photos are great!!

From Janet:
It was a lot of fun - I could have spent all day there looking around for a great deal. Wish I had gotten more pictures. The "booths" were more like mini show rooms.

Jeannie said...

Be still my heart!!! I have always wanted to go to that sale, but then I think of carting the purchases 200+ miles home and change my mind. Your purchases are wonderful and exactly what I would have purchased, especially the thread cabinet, the finial, and sleigh bed (what a steal). I love the planting idea with the pissoirs! Have fun with your new treasures.

Janet said...

Hi Jeannie! I didn't get the sleigh bed - although I should have - but didn't really have room for something that big. The silk cabinet is amazing though - one of those things that when you see it, you always want to know how that person got such a piece, b/c I've never seen one for sale.

Anonymous said...

no the French word for urinal is URINOIR.

lk moonwood said...

You got some great goodies! The silk cabinet is SUPERBE! (pronounce it with a French accent, s'il vous plait.)

Marianne said...

You're photos are beautiful!