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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Trip to San Miguel de Allende

During my trip to Queretaro, we did a day trip to San Miguel de Allende, about 45 minutes away by car.  This city is much loved by photographers, and I could see why.  I met an American who moved down there with his wife to write and do photography - what a life!

Breakfast at the hotel - great way to start the day!

 Mexico's highways - pretty good actually.

Almost like a bit of street racing in San Miguel.

Churches just like in Europe.

Wonderful old doors and handles.

 A step back in history.

Fill'er up.


Reds, greys and black: a collection.

Spots of sun.

Basket sellers just as in Europe in the ages past.                                   Dragon sightings.                       

Delicious color. 

Modern cowboy.

Americano in Mexico.

                                            Me.                                                  My friend from S.F.


Reets said...

You are so giftedt at capturing the color of your travels.
Love the pics and info. No wonder you are such a good artist. thanks...travel on!

Janet said...

Hi Reets! Nice to see you. I love vivid color as you know. Of course, I love natural colors too. Traveling is so eye-opening.

JudyK said...

I so loove the colors! I wish I lived closer to go myself! I looked for a place to contact you and couldn't. I have a question and was wondering if you would email me.. keefe_judy@yahoo.com

I'm in most of Jude's classes, just so you don;t think I'm a spammer!