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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back to San Miguel For a Bit More Color.

Continuing my day in San Miguel, Mexico.

 Secret garden.
Flower patch.

   My new rug - all natural dyes from plants and insects. Amazingly vivid.

The market: A feast for the eyes!

 Making tea.

Last of the great cowboys.


sally.wilson said...

I want to go with you next time Janet. I love the rugs, the color and the market looks so wonderful and delicious. Thanks for sharing your journey.

nandas said...

well... i have never been to mexico and now i feel like i have been...almost! i loved those hands covered with milagros! i have always been a fan of the mexican milagros. and i loved how you got your photos to appear on the blog... you are way ahead of me!

Judy said...

OMGosh! What great colors! Which is the rug..the one with the stripe patterns or the tree and bird one? Both are wonderful! Btw.. I agree with your comment on Spirit cloth, whole heartly.

Janet said...

Hi Sally, Nance and Judy! Thanks for stopping by to check out my trip. Mexico was vibrant and amazing. A bit of the past wrapped up in a patchwork of color. My rug was the red one with the birds - you know around Portland we like to "put a bird on it!"
I love the Milagros too. After I bought some I realized that they may have lead in them - so asked, but they couldn't quite translate "lead". We agreed on the word "plumb" - Latin for lead I think - yes, they said - plumb - that's what makes it soft and shape-able: oops, I just bought lead! It'll have to go on something that is not touched.
Sally, I'll have to bring you next time - we'll have a blast!

Herm said...

I'm glad you are enjoying San Miguel de Allende, bring the rug to see it sometime!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are enjoying San Miguel de Allende, bring the rug of the birds to see it sometime!

Janet said...

Hi Herm! I'd love to bring the rug over to show you. Mexico was as vibrant as I feel inside.

Lisa Miller said...

Love the rug! Reminds me of Sue Spargo's class. Maybe you have a theme going here : ) Thanks for your blog address. Found it after I got back to Cinci. I'll keep up with you here! Stay in touch!

Alisa said...

Great colors and photos!