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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Secret Belgian Book Binding Class

Book Making Class

Today Sally (my mom) and I did a book making class at Collage in Portland, OR.  We had a great time and love our new books.  Thanks to Sonya who did an excellent job teaching this secret method.  

Hundreds of year ago in Europe, elements of book making were kept secret by the Guilds.  Different binding techniques, paper making methods, and even ways of marbleizing paper were highly guarded secrets.  Techniques for illuminating manuscripts were also kept secret.  This Belgian style of book making was lost some time in the past, and rediscovered in the 1980's by an American.

The black book with orange thread is Sally's.  
The turquoise book with raspberry thread is mine.  

The front, back and spine are covered in handmade, batik papers from Nepal.  A resist paste was applied to the paper, covering up the tan areas.  The paper was then dyed a second time in black or turquoise.  The resist paste would then be removed, leaving the final design on the paper.

The front, back and spine are separate elements, woven together with the waxed linen thread.

Inside the front covers of the two books, also done with handmade papers.

 Sally's book with what I term, Modern Quilt Guild colors.  Lovely!

My book in a gradient of rainbow colors.

Matching end plates in red.

Matching end plates with gold elephants.

A collection of books from students in our class.  
Sally's book is in the back - cover done, awaiting the signature pages.
My book is in the front.

The books from above with different colored paper for pages.

Books with waxed linen thread in the background.

Detail of some books.  
In the middle is a black book opened to show the end paper with a peacock feather printed paper.

I plan to do some more of these Secret Belgian Bound Books in different sizes.
So much fun!

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