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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Cyber Retreat with Galloping Pony

Hello!  This weekend I've been on a cyber retreat with Galloping Pony: her second annual retreat.  We have been playing QUILTO - the quilter's version of BINGO, using quilting words.  We had a Valentine heart challenge to make a card.  I really enjoyed that and ended up sewing 2 things which I plan to make into a little fabric book with some pictures from my trip to France last summer.

 The white back ground fabric is a street map of Paris with famous sites on it.

     The Eiffel Tower I free hand stitched on the machine with no pattern.  It was pretty fun to do. My mom, Sally Jo, and I were sewing at the same time, which is always wonderful.  There is a star block pattern that we can try out, and I'll see if I can do that today.  I think cyber retreats are actually pretty fun - a group of women from all over the country sewing together - on their own projects and a class project.

     This is Sally Jo's appliqued heart card.  She stitched "Love" with 4 different shades of linen thread that I got her for Christmas. The heart is on script fabric that is attached with 4 of her grandmother's buttons to hand painted paper that she made this past October at the Art and Soul retreat in Portland, OR. 

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